Interdisciplinary applications require interdisciplinary challenges

Industry and research have recognized the key to success in international competition for new products and promotion of research is an interdisciplinary perspective. A key challenge is the understanding of physical and chemical properties in materials research. Surfaces, interfaces, nanostructures and composite materials are only a few examples in which the following techniques can offer a significant value.

High performance Surface Analysis instruments provide detailed surface chemical characterization, nano-scale feature analysis and thin film characterization.

Nanoindentation is a high-resolution method for the mechanical characterization of solid materials with simultaneous determination of hardness and elastic modulus. Coatings, material research, biomedical applications benefit from this excellent technique!

New innovations open new perspectives in Organic Analysis since purification on a large scale is now possible. Highest efficiency for separation and purification is achieved by the recycling preparative High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).

What about Nanoscale Analysis? The award-winning laboratory solutions combine key elements of both infrared (IR) spectroscopy and the atomic force microscope (AFM). The afm+ is a full featured Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with powerful analytical capabilities that make it much more than just an imaging tool.

We are convinced that all these techniques are important!

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