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Pharmaceutical, Biological & Medical Research Approaches
Pharmaceutical, Biological & Medical Research, development, production and quality control are lifesavers and improve life quality

  • Surface characterization of coronary stents
  • Drug-Polymer Investigation
  • Nanomechanical Properties of Trabecular Bone
  • In vivo/vitro Characterization of Biological Samples
  • Nanoscale thermal analysis of Medical Devices and Implants
  • Recycling Separation of Bioactive substance
Polymer & Organic Materials
Understanding the relationship between structure, morphology and mechanical properties

  • Sputter Depth Profiling of Organic Films
  • Identifying Organic Defects
  • Nanoscale Characterization of Polymer Time-Temperature Dependence
  • Polymer Adhesive Interface Analysis
  • Analyzing Polymer multilayer films
  • Purification and Separation of Organic Pigment/ Fullerene/ Organic Light Emitting Materials


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Renewable Energies & New Innovations
Optimization of innovations, developing advanced materials and coating systems to achieve solutions with greater efficiency

  • Research for thermal management
  • Alloying surfaces in ultra high vacuum
  • Tensile Characteristics and Measurement of Micro/Nano Fibers
  • Nanomechanical Characterization Techniques for Fuel Cell Component Materials
  • The unique ability to obtain chemical information, including molecular orientation, on individual manmade and natural fibers
Semiconductor Technology & Nanoelectronics
For a better generating, transferring and utilizing electrical energy. Offering  infinite possibilities:

  • Measuring Full Wafer Surface Composition Maps
  • Quantitative analysis of topographic effects on conductive surfaces
  • Depth Profiling of a P Doped Si Nanowire
  • In-situ Electrical Characterization during Nanoindentation
  • Characterization of MEMS Devices and Industry Solutions
  • Analyzing multilayer films by examining at their cross-sections