Exclusive Mixture of Nanotechnology Sectors

PHI Physical Electronics

JAI Japan Analytical Industry

Surface Science
The world’s leading supplier of UHV (ultra high vacuum) surface analysis instrumentation ULVAC-PHI is located in Japan. We represent ULVAC-PHI and its subsidiary Physical Electronics USA Inc. in order to provide our customers with cutting edge technology. The complete product line enables detailed surface chemical characterization and thin film analysis. Large Areas and small sample features can be analyzed with a high degree of automation. Every surface science analysis tool of our portfolio allows you to characterize chemical & elemental composition, imaging for determining the distribution of chemical species and depth profiling for thin film analysis.
Organic Analysis
In 2008 Japan Analytical Industry Co. Ltd. (JAI) decided to expand into the European market and has chosen PHI GmbH as its distributor.

JAI has a nearly 50-year history and built its reputation on the worlds first portable Curie Point Pyrolyzer and its recycling preparative HPLC. Efficient separation and purification of a wide range of organics make JAI’s “NEXT” product line a valuable tool. That is now available in Europe. New perspectives have opened, since purification on a large scale is finally possible using the worlds largest sample tube. Also we offer further sample preparation equipment for gas chromatography (GC).

Anasys Instruments

Nanoscale Analysis
Anasys Instruments developed the award-winning laboratory solutions which combine key elements of both infrared (IR) spectroscopy and the atomic force microscope (AFM) to enable the acquisition of infrared spectra at spatial resolutions well beyond the optical diffraction limit.

Typically, this straightforward chemical analysis technique is well-suited for organic matters, which includes, but is not limited to, polymeric multilayer films, biological specimens and single particle analysis.

The afm+ is a full-featured Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with powerful analytical capabilities that make it much more than just an imaging tool.