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Nanoscale Analysis


nanoIR2 FS
nanoIR2-FS with Tapping AFM-IR
Anasys Instruments offers the World’s highest resolution IR spectrometer. Designed and built for productivity and rapid time-to-results. The nano IR was born from a desire to provide cutting edge technology in an easily accessible platform and involves multiple technology and design innovations. Multifunctional measurements for a broad range of applications are now revealed to you.



nanoIR2-s with nanoscale FTIR

The nanoIR2-s is a modular nanoscale spectroscopy and chemical imaging and characterization platform providing scattering SNOM, Photothermal AFM-IR and nanoscale property mapping for life sciences, polymers, organics, graphene, 2D materials, photonics, and inorganics. The system provides the highest performance scattering snom capabilities with nanoscale FTIR in visible, IR and THz ranges with chemical and complex optical property imaging resolution to 10nm and monolayer sensitivity. Additionally, the system supports Anasys unique Tapping AFM-IR with 10nm chemical imaging resolution and monolayer sensitivity and true model-free IR absorption spectroscopy. The integrated high performance Atomic Force Microscope enables a wide range of material property mapping and measurements in different environmental conditions.



Nanoscale Thermal Analysis (nano-TA)
Based on Anasys Instruments proprietary thermal probe technology, the afm+ allows you to obtain transition temperatures on any local feature of your sample or to obtain a transition temperature map.


LCR Schematic_200
Nanoscale mechanical Analysis (Lorentz Contact Resonance (LCR))
Lorentz Contact Resonance (LCR) imaging mode further enhances the capabilities of the afm+ and nano IR systems. Mechanical properties of your sample can be collected to map stiffness variations simultaneously with the topography.  LCR allows rapid broadband nanomechanical measurements over a range of temperatures.