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Anasys afm + with Nanoscale Thermal Analysis (nano-TA)

afm+ nano-TA

The technology behind nanoscale thermal analysis:
afm+ nano-TA


  • nano-TA is the first technique to make Nanoscale thermal property bulk- measurements with ease of use through push button control.
  • Very useful in applications where interfacial properties are difficult to access, such as for weathering, thin films or multilayer systems
  • Widely applicable to materials
  • Correlates to bulk thermal analysis techniques

Full featured AFM

  • All common imaging modes
  • High resolution closed loop imaging with excellent noise performance

Easy to setup and operation

  • The afm+ is built for maximum ease of use; premounted cantilevers allow fast and easy alignment
  • Motorized sample stage and high quality optics allow rapid location of the analysis area
  • Decades of AFM expertise instilled into instrument design means faster time to results, even for novice users
  • Thermal: nanoscale thermal analysis with our patented ThermaLever probes
  • Mechanical: wideband nanomechanical analysis with our Lorentz Contact Resonance mode
  • Chemistry: upgradeable to add nanoscale IR Spectroscopy for localized chemical composition
  • Thermal transitions like glass transitions and melting points with nanoscale spatial resolution
  • Tg and Tm transition measurements on thin films and nanoscale domains within polymer blends
  • Measure spatial variation of polymer cross-linking; Cure rates/defects in coatings
  • Transition temperature microscopy to quantify and map thermal transitions (TTM)
  • Scanning thermal microscopy (SThM) for device failure analysis and other applications