X-Perience in High-End Analytic Tools

Anasys nanoIR2™

nanoIR2 FS

Award-winning probe-based measurement tool:


  • New High Speed, high resolution, full spectra AFM-IR measurement in seconds
  • 10nm chemical imaging spatial resolution with Tapping AFM-IR
  • High speed, rich, interpretable IR spectra that directly correlate to FTIR
  • Multi-functional nanoscale property mapping modes with full featured AFM
  • „Anasys engineered“ for productivity and reliability

AFM-IR applications with spatial resolution down to 10nm

Spectral Range:
900-3600 cm-1

Spectral Resolution:
~4 cm-1

Max Image Size:
80 μm x 80 μm

Spectral acquisition time:
~1 minute per spectrum (or less)

New high speed, high resolution, full spectra AFM-IR measurement in seconds

Spectral Range:
9502-1900, 2700-3600cm-1

Spectral Resolution:

Max Image Size:
80 μ x 80 μ

Spectral acquisition time:
<15 secs with Fast Spectra

  • Multicomponent chemical systems where high spatial resolution of ca. 100 – 200 nm is warranted (much smaller than the diffraction limit).
  • Organic matters, which include but not limited to polymeric multilayer films, polymer blends, biological specimens and single particle analysis.
  • Semiconductor materials & organic nano-contaminants.