X-Perience in High-End Analytic Tools

Anasys nanoIR2-s™


Setting a new standard for nanoscale IR spectroscopy and imaging


  • 10nm spatial resolution chemical and optical imaging
  • Nano FTIR provides high performance broadband spectroscopy
  • Two complementary nanoIR techniques: s-SNOM and AFM-IR
  • Nanoscale property mapping with full featured AFM
  • „Anasys Engineered“ for productivity and reliability
  • Highest performance IR SNOM spectroscopy with the most advanced nanoIR laser source available
  • nano FTIR spectroscopy with integrated DFG, continuum based laser source
  • Broadband synchrotron light source integration
  • Multi-chip QCL laser source for spectroscopy and chemical imaging
  • The nanoIR2-s is a modular nanoscale spectroscopy and chemical imaging and characterization platform providing scattering SNOM, Photothermal AFM-IR and nanoscale property mapping for life sciences, polymers, organics, graphene, 2D materials, photonics, and inorganics.
  • Highest performance scattering snom capabilities with nanoscale FTIR in visible, IR and THz ranges with chemical and complex optical property imaging resolution to 10nm and monolayer sensitivity.
  • Supports Anasys unique Tapping AFM-IR with 10nm chemical imaging resolution and monolayer sensitivity and true model-free IR absorption spectroscopy.
  • Enables a wide range of material property mapping and measurements in different environmental conditions.