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IR Spectroscopy from 0.5µm – 10nm

IR Spectroscopy is a widely used technique with a strong limitation regarding spatial resolution. Based on the Photothermal Infrared Technology (PTIR) Anasys Instruments has developed a full range of instruments for IR Spectroscopy to overcome the limitation of classical IR technology.

With these instruments you will be able to perform IR Spectroscopy using a spatial resolution from sub micron range down to a few nm. Cover your full applications with IR Spectroscopy and forget about the limitations to the micron range.

Typical applications are Polymer Blends, Polymer Multilayer Films, Nanocomposites, 2D Materials, Graphene, Nanoroganic Contaminants and many more. All instruments can be combined to cover even the widest range of analytical tasks.


The AFM-IR technology combines IR spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy to provide high resolution topographic, chemical, mechanical and thermal mapping. New patented Tapping AFM-IR mode is the most advanced development in nanoscale IR technology, providing the highest spatial resolution (with <10 nm spatial resolution) for chemical imaging, enabling monolayer measurement sensitivity and extends the applications of the technology AFM-IR to a broader range of samples.

  • Anasys Instruments nanoIR2-FS can be configured with Tapping AFM & FAST spectra AFM-IR to provide 10nm resolution chemical imaging with Tapping AFM-IR and nanoIR spectroscopy in seconds
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IR Scattering SNOM

This technique provides information about the complex optical properties of the nanoscale region of the sample under a metallized tip. Specifically, both the optical amplitude and phase of the scattered light can be measured. With appropriate models, these measurements can estimate the complex optical constants (n, k) of the material. Additionally, the optical phase versus wavelength provides a good approximation to a conventional IR absorption spectrum usually grazing Incidence. The s-SNOM technique works on a variety of materials, but the best signal to noise tends to be on harder materials with high reflectivity, high dielectric constants, and/or strong optical resonances.

  • Anasys Instruments nanoIR2-s united Two complementary nanoscale IR techniques : s-SNOM and AFM-IR
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Photothermal Infrared (IR) Technique

The field of IR Spectroscopy just changed!

An innovative new system a IR microscope with 0.5µm spatial resolution uniquely providing submicron IR spectroscopy and imaging across a wide variety of applications.

Based upon photothermal IR spectroscopy, mIRage breaks the diffraction limit and bridges the gap between conventional IR microspectroscopy and nanoscale IR spectroscopy

  • The mIRage™ IR microscope is an optical non contact technique with 0.5µm IR spectroscopy and imaging
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