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The world’s first portable pyrolyzer!

The world’s first portable pyrolyzer is able to inject a solid, liquid, outgas or VOC sample into GC/MS in the same manner as a micro syringe injection. The engineered washable / disposable sample tube and needle keep flow line always clean.
Applications like the characterization of polymer sample, as well as for polymer quantitative and qualitative analysis, structural analysis in detailed point and thermal stability analysis are successfully performed by Py-GC.

  • Portable system without complicated installation
  • No setup on GC – Keep GC injection port always free
  • Able to use with any GC, GC/MS
  • No cross contamination – Sample tube and needle are washable to keep flow line and GC injection port clean
  • Reduced cold spot with direct sample tube connection (Patent)
  • Applicable as easy dynamic head space sampler with mini-PAT

Research Field

  • Floral fragrance collected by air sampler
  • Evaluation of the clean booth at JAI laboratory