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JAI LC 200NEXT_500NEXT_200

Cute outside but powerful inside!

Cute outside but powerful inside!

Model selection is dependant upon maximum flow rate.
We can supply you with 200 or 500 ml/min model. The LC-200NEXT or the LC-500NEXT.

  • High throughput with stable high flow rate
  • LC-200NEXT has a maximum flow rate of 200ml/min
  • LC-500NEXT has a maximum flow rate of 500ml/min
  • Ease of use with large sized LCD touch panel
  • Reciprocating triple plunger: Reciprocating Triple Plunger enables stable flow supply without pulsation.
  • Recycle with Non-diffusion function (patent): Over the years exclusive focus on „Recycling technique“ has been applied to both models. During recycle mode, it stops consumption of solvent that leads high cost performance and good for environment.
  • PC controll software Prepure-250: With optional PC controlling software Prepure-250, it enables not only controlling LC-200/500 remotely but data acquisition and edition, auto peak mode fraction as well as auto repeat operation will be possible.
  • Auto cleanup: The automated cleanup function keeps the flow channels always clean for accurate fractionation. Solvent change over is also much easier than ever.
  • Fraction Collector:  Specially designed for larger scale collection of LC-200/00NEXT is available.
  • UV Detector or RI Detector: Two different types of detectors small enough to fit into NEXT series body have been developed. They can be installed together and perform detection simultaneously.

Research Field

  • Natural Products
  • OEL Material Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Material
  • Inductive Polymer