X-Perience in High-End Analytic Tools

Surface Science

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)

PHI VersaProbe II Scanning XPS Microprobe
VersaProbe II allows scientists and engineers high spatial resolution XPS on small features.  Analyzing insulating samples by using innovative and patented dual beam charge neutralization. The integrated floating argon ion gun provides an impressive sputter depth profiling capability for inorganic thin film structures. Optional C60+ and Ar2500+ cluster source ion guns enhance XPS to sputter depth profile organic materials. 


Quantera II 5cm rgb_200
PHI Quantera II Scanning XPS Microprobe
The Quantera II is the perfect analysis tool for industrial applications.  Its high level of automation makes the Quantera II easy to use and increases the throughput of your samples.

Large sample platens make it possible to analyze “real world” large samples or multiple small samples. Further benefits are high sensitivity large and micro-area spectroscopy, superior inorganic and organic depth profiling, and the fully automated analysis of insulating or conductive samples.

Micro area spectroscopy and high performance thin film analysis are the key features of the Quantera II.

Auger (AES) spectral analysis

700Xi 5cm rgb_200
PHI 710 Scanning Auger Nanoprobe
The PHI 710 Scanning Auger Nanoprobe provides high performance Auger (AES) spectral analysis, Auger imaging, and sputter depth profiling of complex materials. The PHI 710 is the only Auger with a CMA Analyzer. The CMA enables our customers to analyze “real world”, topographical samples.

New features introduced with the 710:

  • Improved imaging capabilities
  • Chemical state mapping with spectra at each pixel
  • Remote diagnostics capabilities

Made to measure catalysts, metals, and electronic devices.

Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS)

nanoTOF Complete Systemcutout
The new PHI TRIFT V nanoTOF surface analysis instrument is a very flexible and versatile tool, ideal for organic or inorganic materials. It can be used to characterize both insulating and conductive samples and samples with complex geometries. Surface contamination, trace impurities, thin films, and delamination failures.  It is also a valuable tool to investigate surface modification chemistry and catalyst surface composition.

The patented, superior performance TRIFT analyzer provides sub-micron elemental, chemical, and molecular characterization and imaging of solid surfaces and thin films for products such as semiconductors, hard disk drives, polymers, paint and other surface coatings. Manufacturing companies in the chemical, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries can use the nanoTOF to improve product performance.