X-Perience in High-End Analytic Tools

PHI Quantera II XPS Scanning Microprobe

Quantera II

Ease of Use: Quantera II

The complete automation of the system makes it easy to use and increase the reproducibility of routine measurements. Configured for a higher sample throughput with an extremely small beam size and spatial resolution < 7,5 µm. Large sample platens make it possible to analyze “real world” large samples or multiple small samples automatically.

  • X-ray microprobe with < 7.5 μm spatial resolution
  • High sensitivity electrostatic detection optics
  • Dual beam charge neutralization
  • Robotic sample handling
  • Samples up to 100 mm diameter and 25 mm thick
  • Two internal sample parking stations
  • High performance floating column ion gun
  • High speed snapshot depth profiling mode
  • Quantitative chemical state mapping
  • Automated Angle Dependent profiles
  • Sample Positioning Station
  • Hot/Cold sample stage
  • Cold sample introduction apparatus
  • Sample transfer chamber to external test stations
  • C60 sputter cleaning and depth profiling apparatus


  • Depth Profiling
  • Additive Migration
  • Cleaning Polymer Surface with the PHI-06 C60 Sputter

Thin Films and Coatings

  • XPS Profiling of Organic PV Films
  • Mapping Motor Oil Additives on a Cam Shaft Lobe


  • Automated QC Analysis Silicone Detection
  • Hard Disk Surface Composition Maps