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Changing TOF-SIMS from „I Think“ to „I know“!

nanoTOF II
Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) provides sub-micron elemental, chemical, and molecular characterization and imaging of solid surfaces and thin films for products.

The superior performance patented TRIFT analyzer realized improvement of product performance and manage process control. TOF-SIMS is ideal for organic or inorganic materials, and can be used to characterize both insulating and conducting samples.

With detection limits in the ppm to ppb range, shallow depth profiling capabilities and automated analysis, the nanoTOF can be used to analyze surface contamination, trace impurities, thin films, and delamination failures.


  • Parallel Imaging MS/MS – NEW! Changing TOF-SIMS from I Think to I know!
  • Superior TRIFT Analyzer Performance
  • HR²: High spatial resolution with high mass resolution
  • Cluster Source Ion Guns
  • FIB-TOF 3D Chemical Imaging

  • Superior spatial resolution
  • Superior TRIFT (Patented Triple ESA Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer) Analyzer Performance*
  • Revolutionary Sample Handling
  • State-of-the-Art Ion Gun Performance
  • Turnkey Insulator Analysis by patented charge compensation
  • Innovative 5-axis stage design
  • Flexibility of front and back loading samples
  • Versatile analysis camber can incorporate up to 4 different ions guns (LMIG, C60, Cs, gas gun)
  • Low spectral and image background
  • Exceptionally large solid angle of collection results in uniform imaging sensitivity

* The TRIFT analyzer enables several important capabilities for PHI nano TOF user including:
1. The ability to more accurately image rough, textured and curved surfaces.
2. The ability to characterize sidewalls of patterned structures, including FIB cuts that can be used to create 3 D images of complex structures by tomography.
3. Superior trace level detection due to the inherent ability of the TRIFT analyzer to eliminate peak interferences from metastable decay products with no reduction in transmission. 


  • Imaging Additives on Human Hair or of a micropatterned Biological Liga

Materials Research

  • 3D FIB TOF Imaging the Microstructure of an Alloy
  • Mosaic Imaging of Frozen Hydrated Lenses


  • 3D Imaging of a Pharmaceutical Coating using TOF SIMS
  • TOF-SIMS Imaging of a Drug Pellet

Thin Film and Coatings

  • TOF-SIMS Analysis of Organic LED Films