X-Perience in Supporting

If you are satisfied with our products and our services, we have done our job properly. It is our mission, that you can always contact us directly.

We divide our support into three areas:
Lab Services – supporting you getting answers for your studies
Customer Support – making sure our products perform to their maximum potential
Marketing and Sales – fulfillment of specific customer requirements

A unique combination of surface analysis methods are available for you, in our conveniently located lab near Munich. By connecting directly to the manufacturer and the service group in the same building, we provide always the best performance and availability of our analytical equipment. Fast delivery of information is our goal and accelerating solutions through incisive dialogue with our customers. The particular strengths of these methods complement each other into a conclusive and broad concept, therefore we are able work on a wide range of analytical issues. more...
Customer Support
Exceeding your expectations is the main mission of our customer support group. In our daily business we are living that statement to ensure a maximum return on investment of your instruments. Our service team consists of highly motivated and skilled engineers. Furthermore, there is an application scientist for training, sample preparation and discussion of the results available. Our specialists work tirelessly, so that our customers can easily focus on their analysis. Whether you are new in the field of surface science, or a user of analytical equipment already, our support group is here to answer your questions. more...
Marketing & Sales
Selling a product is not the completion of a business transaction, it is the beginning of a relationship. Our innovative and highly qualified staff are matching technology to customer specific requirements. Expert consultation tailored to your individual needs. PHI has a long experience in applications support. Great market proximity, absolute customer focus and constant improvement of our standards, is how we contribute to making your product selection easier. more...