X-Perience in Supporting

Customer Support

We are committed to all our current and future customers in providing both valuable products and up-to-date information. Physical Electronics GmbH is a customer focused company.

Our service team consists of highly motivated skilled engineers. Furthermore, there is an application scientist for training, sample preparation and discussion of the results available. Our specialists work tirelessly, so that our customers are provided with fast results .

Our warehouse in Munich includes exchange units and all common spare parts.

We offer modern, individual and modular service contracts which we design according to customer feedback. This gives our customers flexibility to their individual needs, while ensuring maximum performance and operating time.

Whether you are new in the field of surface science, or a user of analytical equipment already, our support group is here to answer your questions. Our application lab can provide measurements, or assist you with your measurements and data evaluation. In our lab in Munich we operate a TOF-SIMS, XPS and Auger Electron Spectrometer (AES) for chemical surface analysis.