X-Perience in Supporting

Your contact for Surface Analysis and Analytical Services.

Whilst the requirements of our customers are different and varied, all of them want the same: The fast solution of their individual issues.

We, as a small or medium-sized company, would like to have our sample measured by TOF-SIMS. Do you know a suitable laboratory? Is Auger spectroscopy better suited for the thin film characterization of our sample? Can XPS results help us to confirm our presumption?

Because of statements, questions and comments like this, we posed the question: Can we satisfy our customers‘ needs, with our available equipment and the many years of experience we have?

Yes we can and therefore we are now focusing more in lab services. We want to be your contact for surface analysis and offering our experience and reliable way of working.

We are very proud to offer a unique combination of analytical methods and to provide our customers with first-class service and the most accurate results. Benefit from our experience and a professional and reliable way of working. Physical Electronics GmbH – Lab-Analysis Service provides quick and result-oriented service for your requirements in the field of surface analysis.

Overview of our advantages

  • Laboratory equipped with a unique combination of XPS, ToF-SIMS and Auger spectroscopy
  • Extensive resources for accurate results and timely processing of your samples
  • Unique  experience in preparation, analysis and evaluation of your samples
  • Qualified and motivated employees guarantee for individual consulting and solution of your questions
  • Perfect central location for Bavarian companies, institutes and universities, and of course not just only for Bavaria
  • Service Team in house
  • Direct contact with the manufacturers and a large in-house parts stock

We can also advise you on specific requirements!