Lightweight design realized with the use of polymers

Business Challenge: If you want to make vehicles, planes and products lighter, you cannot avoid polymers. Even today, plastics and fiber composites in the vehicle have an extremely high proportion of material. This leads to new questions.

Situation: The weight savings, the freedom of design and the possibility of integrating functions such as fasteners into the component lead to new analytical challenges.

Analytical Impact: The quality of plastic products depends on the quality of polymers. Identity verification and quality testing of those materials during every stage of manufacturing is necessary to ensure that only high-quality materials are used. Infrared (IR) spectroscopy is ideally for analysis of polymer starting materials and finished products. The quantification of components in polymer mixtures can be done with the new patented Tapping AFM-IR. It is the most advanced development in nanoscale IR technology, providing the highest spatial resolution (with <10 nm spatial resolution) for chemical imaging and enabling monolayer measurement sensitivity. The latest Submicron IR Spectroscopy Microscope allows measuring and mapping local chemical composition below the diffraction limit of light.


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