Analytical issues in the automotive industry

//Analytical issues in the automotive industry

Xenon Headlights

Analytical Challenge: A car manufacturer or Automotive supplier wanted to know where does the blind spot on the reflector come from.

Situation: Light on the vehicle is getting darker, right headlight has a different light color than the left one or headlights have blind spots on the surface. Conventional analytics did not explain why. Even assumptions could not be confirmed or refuted, since it may be very small analysis areas and thin layers.

Impact: The clients used surface science equipment to identify substances in the micro and nanometer range. Surface analysis deals with physical and chemical phenomena that occur at interfaces and surfaces. XPS, TOF-SIMS and AES are techniques to understand these phenomena to clarify where does the blind spot for example comes from. Does the blind spot exists because nanoparticles adhere on the surface? Are defects the reason? Or is there a blind spot because there is material missing? XPS, TOF-SIMS helps answering such kind of questions.


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