Spatially resolved analysis in the micro and nanometer range

Unique combination of surface analysis methods. Additional sample preparation should be avoided? Has conventional analysis in small analysis areas failed? Our contract analysis laboratory has the answers for the identification of substances in the micro and nanometer range. We offer a unique combination of surface analysis methods.

Areas of Application

Development or quality management – the focus is always on product features. These vary due to different raw materials and process parameters in the production. Products that are damaged early in use, show use-related traces that are often accelerated by environmental influences and then lead to high costs. Product features we are investigating include:

  • Adhesion of paints, coatings, labels …
  • Component connections by welding, soldering, gluing …
  • Functionalization of surfaces – sensors, catalysis …
  • Layer thickness and layer composition – process parameters and control
  • Compensation – optical components, tools, decorative surfaces, …
  • Component cleaning – residue, staining, corrosion
  • Electrical contacts – bonding, contact resistance

Our Service

If routine analysis does not help, then our service becomes valuable to you. We operate our analysis systems in daily use and with the many years of experience of the device manufacturer. High availability is ensured by the technical service in the house and leads to very fast answers to problems of our customers. Delivering fast and understandable answers is the focus. The spectra and measurement data are the basis of the answers and not the end in itself.

  • Experience
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Goal orientation
  • intelligibility

Surface Analysis Methods

Special analysis of thinnest layers on the surface requires sophisticated analysis methods. The surface chemistry is determined by the top nanometer and our analysis methods look right there: the top 5-10nm.

Local distributions of substances may be intentional (structure) or unwanted (stains). We can find that out with our methods by means of an imaging analysis in the micrometer range.

If you need to go deeper, the underlying micrometers below the surface are also accessible by sputter removal.

  • XPS
  • AES (Auger)

Training & Seminars

When is which analysis method useful for surfaces? These and other questions are dealt with in our seminar (NanoX-Pert). Information is also abundant on the Internet, but knowledge is only created through application. Application examples are an important point in our seminar, in which we then go into the necessary basics of the methods. We also offer individual customer training.

  • NanoX-Pert seminar
  • Customer training
  • User Meeting

About us

Little things make perfection, but perfection is no small matter. This realization is not new, but determines our actions every day. We do what we have been doing since 1994 and continue to expand our wealth of experience every day. A small and therefore effective team takes care of answers to your questions. We are the contact person for you and appreciate the close contact with our customers.


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