Our contract analysis laboratory provides solutions

Emerging directly from Physical Electronics GmbH, founded in 1994 by Physical Electronics Inc. (USA), we have been an owner-managed company since 2004. As a small GmbH we can react very fast and use this advantage strictly. The long cooperation with the plant manufacturer (more than 25 years) has led to a high level of competence in the application of the analytical methods among our employees.

Contract Analysis concept:

“Trifles make perfection – but perfection is no trifle.”

What do we mean with that?

A perfect surface has no defects, no matter how small. It only works perfectly if the smallest detail is perfect. Therefore, we use the most sensitive methods to detect even the last molecule, or the ultimate bond from atom to atom, which ensures the perfect function of the surface. We find these “little things” – atoms, bonds and molecules – whether they are the right ones and whether they are in the right place. Our contract analysis methods use physical effects in order to examine properties in the micrometer and nanometer ranges.

But also the nuances of customer requests are important to us. Accurate listening and questioning, brings us close to the goal, and then the little step to go further in order to perfect the result. So we want to make our relationship with our customers always a little something more than expected – which is perfection. For the perfection in the analytical service it is necessary to respond quickly to customer requests and therefore speed is part of the perfection that we want to deliver.

A pleasant and friendly work environment for our employees generates a friendly and pleasant relationship with our customers, because our perfectionism should not hurt, but naturally arise – for the joy of perfection.


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Physical Electronics GmbH
Salzstraße 8
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Telephone: +49 89 96275 0
Email: info@phi-europe.com
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