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Knowledge about surface analysis compact and exciting

At regular intervals we organize our NanoX-pert seminar, in which we explain the basics of our analysis methods XPS, TOF-SIMS and AES and demonstrate the technical implementation in a practical part in the laboratory. Typical fields of application complete the content of the 1-day seminar.

Only with us you receive additionally a test measurement voucher with which you individually an impression of the potential of our methods receive. Analyzes on your own samples say more than 100 words. In the NanoX-Pert seminar we introduce the newest

Developments and procedures before and you are always up to date on surface analysis.

On request, we also offer training courses for customers on site. Frequently, training in dealing with the data evaluation software is required here. Also training on the operation of the surface analysis devices are offered, especially in an operator change. For details, contact us.


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Physical Electronics GmbH
Fraunhoferstr. 4
85737 Ismaning

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Telefon: +49 89 96275 0

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