NanoX-Perience Industrial 3D X-ray Tomography

October, 14th 2020 / Feldkirchen near Munich

Investigate  Every Detail and Makes the Hidden Visible -The 3D X-Ray Tomography! For the very first time there is the possibility to see the EasyTom S live in Munich!

Physical Electronics GmbH organizes together with the French manufacturer and X-Ray NDT specialist, RX Solutions an open seminar on research approaches, results and analytics using micro and nano-CT (Computed Tomography) . X-ray CT provides completely new insights into the invisible. They can be used to analyse, measure, detect and inspect internal structures, fast and non-destructively. The CT systems portfolio from RX Solutions covers a large scale of analysis, from micro (4 µm) to nano (0.35 µm).

In Focus: High Resolution X-ray Micro & Nano-CT Analyses
Venue: Physical Electronics GmbH, Salzstr. 8, 85622 Feldkirchen

Decide between Micro CT , Nano CT or Combined Versions: Micro and Nano- CT in the same chamber by switching the X-Ray generators within a few seconds!

The EasyTom S is a Compact and highly versatile X-Ray Micro CT System. It is a powerful system to inspect your samples in an easy way and the only technology who gives you the possibility to see inside the matter in 3 dimensions, without having to cut or destroy your sample.

Many kinds of applications can be done using CT, from typical industrial issues such as the detection of flaws in your samples (voids, cracks, porosity analysis) to metrology with measurements of the external as well as the internal surfaces of complex samples.

LIVE Demonstration of the EasyTom S the Only Non- Destructive Technology to See Inside Your Samples in 3D!

Target group: Researchers and developers, engineers in the natural sciences, all from the field of analytics in both the life science and the material science segments.
Participation is free of charge, including meals during the seminar and documentation on the topic.

You will also receive a free test measurement voucher* and thus the unique opportunity to get an individual impression of the potential of this 3D X-ray Tomography on your samples.

Reserve a place for this seminar. Your early registration will make planning and organization easier for us. Further information can be found in the attached pdf file. RX Solutions and we look forward to your coming and remain with kind regards.

* Test measurement voucher includes a measurement with your own individual sample. This acts like a “test drive” and should show you the strength of this technology to solve your personal questions. If desired, the NanoX-Perience voucher can be redeemed by all participants until January, 29th 2021.


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