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Sales and Marketing in D/A/CH

You have a great product line and look for a distributor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland? The Physical Electronics GmbH is a distributor for analytical equipment and present in the European market since 1994. Our sales and marketing team as well as our long-term customer relations will ensure an efficient entrance into the European market. Our philosophy as distributor is to have a deep understanding of the products we sell. Therefore, we have established analytical services and an after-sales support group as well. Being a distributor for so many years, the Physical Electronics GmbH has customers in Life Science, Materials Science, Automotive and Semiconductor. Our customers come from Industry, Institutes and Universities.

Contact us

Physical Electronics GmbH
Fraunhoferstr. 4
85737 Ismaning

Your contact person:
Telefon: +49 89 96275 0
E-Mail: info@phi-europe.com

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