NanoX-Perience Nanoindentation

December, 18th 2019 / Feldkirchen near Munich

Pushing the Frontier of Nano Mechanical Testing!

Physical Electronics GmbH organizes together with the swiss manufacturer Alemnis of In Situ Nanoindenter, an open seminar on research approaches, results and analytics. A Nanoindenter is a versatile instrument used to test the mechanical properties of materials. Primarily developed for localized hardness testing, nanoindentation is now widely used to measure creep, fracture toughness, elastic modulus, stress relaxation, cracking, dislocation nucleation, and the viscoelastic properties of samples.

Nanoindenters are broadly used to test the properties of hard coatings and thin films. As the dimensions of engineering and electronic components continue to decrease, it is vital that local mechanical properties are tested with very little residual impressions. Conventional techniques are largely incapable of testing small-scale components non-destructively, and in best case scenarios may impact the material properties of miniaturized components. Nanoindentation is subsequently used to characterize a range of materials to assist in research and development of new products and solutions. In the case of coatings, a Nanoindenter can test the properties of even very thin films (e.g., thickness < 1 µm) without any influence from the properties of the substrate underneath.

LIVE Broadcast via remote control to the application lab in Thun, Switzerland. Dr. Nicholas Randall will show you the unique testing method: Nanoindentation which is used to assess various material properties as a function of extremely small-scale surface deformation.

Target group: Researchers and developers, engineers in the natural sciences, all from the field of analytics in both the life science and the material science segments.
Participation is free of charge, including meals during the seminar and documentation on the topic.

You will also receive a free test measurement voucher* and thus the unique opportunity to get an individual impression of the potential of the Alemnis Nanoindenter on your samples.
* Test measurement voucher includes a measurement with your own individual sample. This acts like a “test drive” and should show you the strength of this technology to solve your personal questions. If desired, the NanoX-Perience voucher can be redeemed by all participants until 14.02.2020.

Reserve a place for this seminar. Your early registration will make planning and organization easier for us. Alemnis and we look forward to your coming and remain with kind regards.


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