NanoX-Pert Surface Science

//NanoX-Pert Surface Science

NanoX-Pert: Your Micro- and Nanoanalytics Seminar & Individual Analysis

New date will be announced

Nano X-Pert represents our inhouse seminars, which give you an overview of the most important nano-analytical methods by an interdisciplinary approach. The power of our techniques is the delivery of detailed analytical information. Get your individual first impression using the unique opportunity of a free test measurement.  Our Scientists will work with you to solve your analytical challenge.

The seminar introduces nano-analytical methods in the following areas:

  • Surface Analysis (XPS; TOF-SIMS & AES)
  • Combination of AFM-IR Spectroscopy ; submicron IR Microscope

How do you as an expert evaluate the aging behavior of coatings? Have optimizations and modifications worked? Which ist he best methof for the detection of organic substances on surfaces with highest sensitivity?

The seminar will introduce you to analytical detection methods for the study of nanosheets or e.g. for quality control.

Latest device developments in surface analysis will be shown.


Contact us

Physical Electronics GmbH
Fraunhoferstr. 4
85737 Ismaning

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Telefon: +49 89 96275 0

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