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1201, 2023

LIBS – Rapid multi-elemental analysis and chemical imaging

ENHANCE YOUR ELEMENTARY ANALYSIS! Rapid multi-elemental analysis and chemical imaging PHI GmbH expands its product portfolio - new cooperation with Lightigo. We are very pleased to represent Lightigo in Germany, Austria and [...]

2311, 2022

Dr. Daniela Rascher becomes Sales Director

Dr. Daniela Rascher becomes Sales Director Join us in celebrating the new position of our dear colleague Daniela Rascher! With the position of Sales Director, Ms. Rascher is responsible for the entire [...]

2311, 2022

Phase images using ICSPI AFM-on-a-Chip tools

Phase images using ICSPI AFM-on-a-Chip tools Phase images taken by an AFM. … Phase what? Typically, an AFM uses a tiny tip or cantilever to scan across the samples surface. The result is [...]

1910, 2022

NanoX-Pert Seminar 221018 – again a full success!

NanoX-Pert Seminar - again a full success! On 18 October 202 we held our 18th Nano X-Pert seminar. Focussed this time was "Analyses on thin and ultra-thin layer systems". A special highlight was [...]

2608, 2022

The first PicoRaman M3 on its way to Switzerland

From Finland to Munich with the new PicoRaman M3 in tow At the end of May, the first PicoRaman M3 from our partner company Timegate Instruments Ltd. in Finland was finally "put [...]

308, 2022

ICSPI nGauge AFM-on-a-Chip – for Biology and Life Science

nGauge AFM-on-a-Chip von ICSPI for Biology and Life Science Gain insights into the structure of biological materials with minimal sample preparation. Use ICSPI's nGauge AFM-on-a-Chip for your biotechnology analysis challenges. Gain insights [...]

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