High Resolution X-Ray Micro & Nano-CT Analysis

X-ray CT provides completely new insights into the invisible. They can be used to analyze, measure, detect and inspect internal structures, fast and non-destructively. The CT systems portfolio covers a large scale of analysis, from micro (4 µm) to nano (0.35 µm).

Decide between:

  • Micro CT
  • Nano CT
  • Combined Versions: Micro and Nano- CT

The high performance computed tomography (CT) systems, are available in different inspection volumes, too. All systems include RX Solution Software: X- ACT with its powerful and easy to use Reconstruction Artefacts Correction Algorithms!

Summary Advantages:

  • Combine high-resolution X-ray micro and nano- CT Analyses in the same cabinet!
  • Versatility & Reliability!
  • Inspect both the external and internal structures of a part or object in a non-destructive way!
  • More axes, contrary to most of other CT systems which are best to scan any kind of sample!
  • High speed scanning, fastest scan 6s!
  • Powerful and easy to use reconstruction artefacts correction algorithms!
  • High resolution 3D μComputed Tomography
  • Real time high resolution 2D digital radioscopy

3D X-Ray Micro Computed Tomography System

Micro CT is the best way to get a fast, non-destructive and accurate examination of the internal and external structures of components. The acquisition of all structures in a 3D model with CT and reverse engineering by the software.

Micro CT Benefits:

  • Multiple micro-focus tube configurations up to 230 kV
  • Highest Resolution 3D CT: 4 µm
  • Superfast CT acquisition up to 6s for fast inspection or 4D CT
  • Automated scanning reconstruction and inspection workflow
  • Innovative design for minimal system downtime and easy maintenance
Product details

3D X-Ray Micro & Nano Computed Tomography System

Highly flexible X-ray CT system with very large inspection volume that can be easily integrated into a lab or office room. Six linear motorized axes enabling optimized magnification for various sample types and scanning configuration. Available in different setups: Micro-focus, Nano-focus or Dual Tube.

Nano Benefits

  • Tomography at a sub-micron scale or both micron and sub-micron: single or dual tube configurations
  • Highest resolution 3D CT: 0.35 µm
  • High precision granite table that guarantees stiffness, stability and positioning using high precision linear encoders
  • Multiscale acquisition
  • Designed for in-situ CT experiments
  • Innovative design for minimal system downtime and easy maintenance
  • Multiple detectors
Product details

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