Advantages of 3D Micro and Nano Computed Tomography

In almost all applications, complex components play a key role in terms of product quality, product lifetime and performance. Due to their complexity, the components cannot be easily analyzed and examined without destroying them. 3D X-Ray computed tomography offers a very efficient solution here. The complex component is X-rayed. This takes place at different angles. At the end of a 360° scan, the different planes are reconstructed by computer and software and the complex component is shown in its entirety as a 3D model.

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RX Solutions EasyTom Series

RX Solutions systems range from 110kV to 300kV and offer spatial resolution from 0.4µm to 2µm. They are designed to cover a wide range of requirements. The systems can be equipped with different sources and detectors.

Neoscan Benchtop N-Series

Neoscan offers compact benchtop systems in the range of 65kV to 110kV. The spatial resolution is 2µµ – 8µm and is unique in the market in this compact design. The N-Series fits in every budget and also in every laboratory!

RX Solutions

RX Solutions is an innovative company based in Chavanod, France. For more than 15 years, RX has focused on building extremely powerful computed tomography systems. The goal is always to deliver the best possible image quality. There are three different system sizes. The Easy Tom S, the Easy Tom and the Easy Tom XL. Depending on your application, the systems can be equipped with different sources and detectors. RX Solutions’ computed tomography systems offer a very high cost-benefit factor, are absolutely reliable and deliver perfect images.

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Neoscan marks Alexander Sasov’s return to the computed tomography market. He has been active in the development and design of CT systems for more than 40 years. Neoscan’s fokus is the desgin of benchtop computed tomography systems that fit in every lab and are affordable for every budget. High resolution and therefore image quality is nevertheless uncompromisingly implemented by Neoscan. The systems require virtually no maintenance and offer the best resolution in their field.

The N60, N70 and N80 are each designed for different acceleration voltages.

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