AFM on a Chip

The nGauge MEMS based AFM, is the world’s first AFM on a Chip. It is easy to use, fast and a flexible benchtop instrument.

Atomic Force Microscopy is a technique to image surfaces at the nanoscale.

Typical Application areas are:

  • Polymers and Composites
  • Semiconductor Devices
  • Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials
  • Biology and Life Science

You need fast AFM data without a complicated setup and measurement process?

Using the nGauge you will find Atomic Force Microscopy faster and much easier to use as it was used to be. Within three clicks you are able to analyze your samples and get results approximately 10 times faster compared to conventional AFM.

AFM is not a complicated expensive technique anymore. The nGauge makes AFM affordable for all interested users in Industry, R&D and at Universities.

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AFM in three simple steps

3D Nanoscale Images in three simple steps:

  • Frequency Sweep
  • Approach
  • Scan

Since the nGauge does not require a laser, there is no laser alignment necessary.

You can operate the instrument in your standard lab environment without the need for special vibration isolation. From unpacking the instrument to the first scan, only a few minutes pass. The scan itself is also approximately 10 times faster compared to conventional AFM.

Atomic Force Microscopy was never more efficient.

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