LiteScope™  with CPEM – New details by one shot measurements

Atomic Force Microscope designed for easy integration into a variety of Scanning Electron Microscopes with its new unique measurement technique CPEM for true Correlative Imaging

  • Traditional approach: Combine AFM and SEM-> Integrated but use separately
  • CPEM approach: Simultaneous sampling of AFM and SEM signals, the distance between the AFM tip and electron beam is constant during the whole measurement

Result of the new approach:

  • Precisely combine images from multiple modalities
  • Distinguish differences between material and topography contrast
  • Analyze data from 2D to 3D.
  • Get special insights into your sample
  • Capture more data in less time
  • Benefit from powerful image and data correlation.

Key added values

  • Complex sample analysis: Simultaneous acquisition of data from SEM and AFM, and their seamless correlation into 3D images.
  • In-situ conditions: All measurements are done at the same time, at the same place, and under the same conditions
  • Precise localization of the region of interest

Key benefits

  • Enhancement of SEM capabilities
  • Ultimate precision of correlative imaging
  • Fast & easy localization of region of interest
  • In-situ analysis – no risk of sample contamination
  • Extension of 2D SEM image into 3D

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Physical Electronics GmbH
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85622 Feldkirchen near Munich

Telephone: +49 89 96275 0

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