In Situ Nanoindentation Technology

In Situ Nanoindentation has the great advantage of a direct insight. The deformation process, the cracking sequence and the sample formation can be measured and seen exactly when it happens.

Integrating different external factors like force, electricity, heating or cooling into the testing platforms to study the sample’s responses simultaneously.

Characterize Nanomaterials or 2D thin films with high automation.

  • Mechanical characterization
  • Tensile Testing of Nanostructures
  • Compression Testing of Micro/Nanopillars
  • Nanoindentation of thin films
  • Bending, and electrical property probing on individual nanostructures

In Situ Nanoindenter with Ultra High Strain Rate Module

The only instrument on the market offering true displacement controlled mode.

The Ultra High Strain Rate Module allows Micro Mechanical Experiments up to 20000/s Controlled Strain Levels! The In Situ Nanoindenter is a customized product. Alemnis is engineering your Ideas, that means the Nanoindenter is adaptable to customers’ needs.

Advantages of the Alemnis In Situ Nanoindenter:

  • Ultra High Strain Rate Module
  • Mechanical Strength (Modulus, Hardness, Fracture), Interfacial Adhesion and Pore Size Distribution
  • True Displacement as Primary Indentation Mode
  • 1,5 N max Load
  • Open source software
  • Stage accuracy with 2nm!!!
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