Rapid Multi-Elemental Analysis and Chemical Imaging

FireFly is a laboratory analytical instrument that specializes in rapid multi-elemental chemical imaging of solid samples of various types, including metallic, geological, plastic, and biological/organic.

The FireFly instrument, which incorporates LIBS technology, has the potential to significantly improve performance in the majority of fields where elemental analysis is required.

FireFly analysis is quick, saving valuable measurement time and reducing overall sample processing time. Operating costs are low, and no additional chemicals are required, making the comprehensive analysis much more environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, there are a growing number of fields where the capability of LIBS in FireFly is critical and exceptional, such as gemstone analysis (validity check, origin determination), lithium in ore analysis, and so on.

Finding toxic metals in recycled plastics, identifying lithium in rocks, detecting Beryllium in doped gemstones, identifying rocks and minerals, finding nanoparticles and markers in soft tissues, sorting metals and plastics, and many other applications are possible with FireFly.

Main benefits

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  • Simultaneous multi-elemental detection
  • Quick results, real time measurement (in a fraction of a second in a single measurement)
  • Simple instrumentation with easy-to-operate software
  • Little or no sample preparation (all states of matter possible)
Product details

Efficient combination of Laser ablation and Atomic Emission Spetrctroscopy

LIBS in 3 steps

1. Laser ablation

As an excitation energy carrier, a pulsed laser is used. More than hundreds of GW per square cm of laser irradiance evaporates and ionizes a small amount of target material.

2. Microplasma creation

Microplasma is created from a small part of the analysed material.

3. Elemental analysis with Atomic Emission Spectroscopy

Cooling microplasma emits a spectrum of wavelengths (atomic emission lines) that are unique to each chemical element present. Quantitative and qualitative analysis is performed.

Want to know more – ask our experts
Marek Rozehnal, CEO

Marek Rozehnal



Lightigo s.r.o, founded in August 2019, is a start-up company focused on the development and production of analytical instruments for Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy – LIBS. It is the goal of Lightigo to make the elemental analysis process, quicker, cheaper and easier. Therefore, it has developed the FireFly as a stand-alone system primarily designed for versatile elemental analysis in academic institutions, commercial research laboratories, or industrial laboratories.

Lightigo s.r.o is located in Brno, CZ a true high-tech region for young startup companies.

“Elemental analysis in a fast, easy and efficient way – that‘s what we bring to our customers. That‘s why we develop instruments based on Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy – young but proven analytical techniques that we have devoted to the last 20 years of our research and development activities.

Our primary goal are satisfied customers. Customers who benefit from the speed, simplicity, and adaptability of the LIBS technology. A technique that gives you more analytical options and makes your analysis much easier.

In our instruments, we have transformed our rich LIBS knowledge into fast, accurate, and reliable devices. Close cooperation with the LIBS research group at CEITEC allows us to constantly improve the technology and equipment in connection with the latest trends in the field of LIBS.”

Contact us

Physical Electronics GmbH
Salzstraße 8
85622 Feldkirchen near Munich

Telephone: +49 89 96275 0
Email: info@phi-europe.com
Lab: lab@phi-europe.com
Service: euroserv@phi-europe.com

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