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Quickly and efficiently isolating high-purity substances by Recycling Preparative HPLC

Preparative HPLC is the method of choice when it comes to quickly and efficiently isolating high-purity substances. The main areas of application are the isolation of samples for research or clinical studies, the production of standards or samples, and not least the purification of commercial products, e.g. Pharmaceuticals or chemical substances.

Characterization of polymer sample, polymer quantitative and qualitative analysis, structural analysis in detailed point and thermal stability analysis with Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography.

Recycling Preparative HPLC

Advanced Separation Efficiency by Recycling Preparative HPLC

For preparative HPLC, the column length is one of the keys to improve separation. However, there is a limit as to the length due to back pressure problem. To solve this, recycling technique can be applied.

Application Areas:

  • Isolation of valuable products
  • Purity and product control of industrial products and fine chemicals
  • Separation and purification of biopolymers, e.g. Enzymes and nucleic acids
Product details

Curie point Pyrolyzer

Py-GC (Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography) with the Curie point Pyrolyzer is a method of chemical analysis in which organic material is heated and thermochemically decomposed. This decomposition is  without participation of oxygen to produce smaller molecules that are separated by gas chromatography and detected using mass spectrometry.

Py-GC has been well used especially characterization of polymer sample, as well as for polymer quantitative and qualitative analysis, structural analysis in detailed point and thermal stability analysis.

Product details

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