Optical Photothermal Infrared Spectroscopy (O-PTIR)

IR Spectroscopy is a widely used technique with a strong limitation regarding spatial resolution. Based on the Photothermal Infrared Technology (PTIR), Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp. has developed the mIRage. The mIRage is an IR microscope to overcome the limitation of classical IR technology.

With this microscope you will be able to perform sub-micron IR Spectroscopy and imaging. Cover your full applications with IR Spectroscopy and forget about the limitations to the micron range.

Typical applications are Polymer Blends, Polymer Multilayer Films, Nanocomposites, 2D Materials, Life Science like Mouse bone mineral concentration, Nanoroganic Contaminants and many more.

Simultaneous submicron IR and Raman microscopy

Same time. Same spot. Same resolution.

The mIRage™  IR+Raman microscope is an optical non- contact technique with 0.5µm IR spectroscopy and imaging. The mIRage is a unique dual modality platform that combines all the advantages of O-PTIR with complementary Raman microscopy via simultaneous detection of the visible probe laser.

  • The mIRage™ is an optical non-contact technique with 0.5µm IR spectroscopy and imaging
  • Submicron IR spatial resolution
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