Greater XPS depth Analysis using Two Different Energy X-rays, a hard and soft X-ray source at the same spot

Why HAXPES? HAXPES using Cr x-rays offers 3× greater depth of analysis compared to conventional XPS.

This state-of-the-art XPS instrument has a capability to analyze the very small area where the user is interested in and a large area of the uniform sample surface. The PHI Quantes is equipped with a dual scanning X-ray source composed of a hard X-ray source (Cr K?) and a conventional soft X-ray source (Al K?), which have different energy values. The two different types of X-ray sources can be switched automatically, allowing users to analyze the same area and/or points of a sample.

The PHI Quantes is an XPS instrument designed to pioneer new methods and applications transcending conventional ideas of what is possible with greater depth of analysis.


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