The Quantes combines traditional XPS with HAXPES for 3 times greater depth of analysis

The Quantes is a unique dual monochromator scanning X-ray Photoelectron microprobe that combines a high energy (HAXPES) monochromatic X-ray source (Cr Kα) with a conventional monochromatic soft X-ray (Al Kα). Both X-ray sources can be focused at the same position of the sample for micro-analysis capabilities and can scan an area of interest on the sample. HAXPES information depth from the surface of solid samples is larger than conventional XPS as kinetic energy of core photoelectrons are excited. The switching between the two scan sources is automated and software controlled. The depth of analysis is about 3 times higher with the Cr X-ray source (HAXPES) than with the Al X-ray source, because the Cr Kα energy is more than 3 times higher than the Al Kα energy.

The PHI Quantes with its specifications allows the investigation of multilayer thin film systems without sputtering. This is particularly useful for transition metals and transition metal oxides.

  • Patented XPS/HAXPES Scanning Microprobe Technology
  • Patented Dual Beam Charge Neutralization
  • Unique SXI™ Scanning X-ray Imaging

The PHI Quantes also combines robust UHV robotic sample handling with analysis area identification tools that provide true chemical state imaging and multi-point spectroscopy in a totally automated environment.  The PHI Quantes can be operated remotely via the internet or a local network connection. The PHI Quantes features a hemispherical energy analyzer with multi-channel detection, a powerful argon ion sputter source (5 eV- 5 keV), a unique patented dual beam charge neutralization and a large, five-axis precision sample stage. Greater XPS depth Analysis using Two Different Energy X-rays, a hard and soft X-ray source at the same spot


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