VersaProbe III – Multitechnique XPS

The core technology of the VersaProbe III is PHI’s patented, monochromatic, micro-focused, scanning x-ray source which provides excellent large area and superior micro-area spectroscopy performance. The XPS Systems from Physical Electronics are the only ones with: X-ray induced secondary electron imaging (SXI). This SXI takes your work to another level. SXI: What you see, is what you get! SXI observation allows the quick and accurate analysis location designation.

Quantera II – Highly Automated XPS

Quantera II provides two in situ sample parking stations which enables the automated analysis. Simplifying XPS Analysis by dual beam charge neutralization. XPS is used for element/chemical state analysis for a wide range of solid samples from conductive to insulating materials. However, with insulating material samples, a positive charge occurs in the x-ray irradiated area due to the generation of photoelectrons. XPS Analysis with insulating material samples needs charge neutralization. This is necessary during measurement. The dual beam technique, which irradiates a low energy electron beam and an ion beam simultaneously, is a neutralization method which stabilizes uneven charges on the surface in a self-repairing way, and is capable of stable charge neutralization for a wide range of insulating materials. It is also an essential feature for microscopic area analysis.


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