PicoRaman M3

New product PicoRaman M3 with outstanding advantages!

Timegate has now launched the third generation, PicoRaman M3.

The novel spectrometer offers revolutionary features such as fast and continuous real-time and online measurements as well as highly specific chemical information and non-destructive analysis.

Timegate offers the complete solution for spectroscopic analysis by also offering the ProbePro product family, a variety of different probe optics for in-situ real-time analysis.

Download Picoraman M3 brochure

What’s new about PicoRaman M3?

  • Real-time, online
  • Faster measurements
  • Highly specific chemical information
  • Quantification of concentrations
  • Compact, portable solution on site
  • Better integration into the process environment
  • OEM modules can be installed
  • User-friendly customer interface
  • No sample preparation
  • Non-destructive analysis

M3 and immersion probe

M3 with Microprobe

Picoraman_M3_with SampleCube

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