The world of glass micromechanics

Micro- and nano-mechanical tests with the Alemnis Standard Assembly

Glass is a versatile material made from natural raw materials that is used in many different areas. There are numerous types, shapes and sizes. For example, very thin sheets of glass (less than a millimetre thick) are used in electronics or medical technology. Huge glass panes are used in observatories, for example. Large glass fronts decorate modern building facades. We are all familiar with displays, lights, lenses and fibre optic cables from our everyday lives.

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Testing the strength of microscale fused silica

And this is where our partner Alemnis comes in

Micro- and nano-mechanical tests with the Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA) enable a wide range of tests:

  • Mapping of hardness and elastic properties

  • Push-out, tensile, and bending of glass fibres

  • Strength of µ-additively manufactured or laser-assisted micro-etched structures

  • Flow and densification during indentation and compression

  • Strain rate dependence of strength and plasticity

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Combine the Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA) also with correlative analytical techniques such as:


In situ Raman spectroscopy – investigate local mechanical stress as well as the grain size and phase properties during mechanical deformation.


In situ SEM imaging – correlate the mechanical response with visual observations such as shear bands and cracking.


In situ Synchrotron experiments – making the invisible material properties visible during the indentation process

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