Complex pharmaceutical mixtures can be characterized by high accuracy of mass determination

Business Challenge: Life science research is increasingly about nanoparticles and thin biofilms research. Challenging issues are how to analyze surface chemicals on a single nanoparticle or how to distinguish between different modified samples in the nanometer range.

Situation: A client who deals with medical sprays wants to know if it is possible to characterize and detect the active ingredients. Another challenge what is extremely important for the pharmaceutical industry client is:  How are the droplets distributed and how the active ingredients?

Analytical Impact: The local distribution of drugs is important for drug formulations and drug distribution in cells. TOF-SIMS results show the distribution with the imaging option. This combination of  Spectra – Images is one big Strength. Fragments and molecules of interests can be selected from the data measured. One result is that two active ingredients can be detected well separated. The spatial distribution (imaging) facilitates the interpretation of spectral data: common fragment ions and fragment ions characteristic of a drug can be distinguished by their local distribution.


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